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Berlin threatens laboratories with legal action on vaccines.

  • Delay on vaccines: Berlin threatens laboratories with legal action

(Face of Nigeria Blog News) – German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier threatens in an interview the laboratories of legal actions if they do not meet their delivery obligations, as tensions mount around the delays taken by Britain’s AstraZeneca.

The decision of the German vaccine commission not to administer this product to people over 65 years of age further complicates the situation.
Health Minister Jens Spahn said today he is open to the use of Russian and Chinese vaccines provided they are approved by the European medical authority.

A summit is due to bring together Angela Merkel, German regions and vaccine manufacturers on Monday to try to improve an unsatisfactory situation.

In Germany, as in other European countries, the vaccination campaign is not progressing as quickly as the authorities would like.

The vaccine doses are missing. Manufacturers are criticized for not meeting their delivery obligations.

Berlin threatens them with legal action. A summit on the subject is to be held this Monday, February 1 around Chancellor Angela Merkel.
With our correspondent in Berlin, Adeolu.

“  We can currently only vaccinate with the handbrake on.  The image of the president of the Federation of German Cities sums up the situation well.

Local elected officials and regional bosses are demanding more vaccines and also more accurate information on deliveries to organize themselves in the field.

After BioNtech / Pfizer, which had production problems, Moderna will not fully meet its commitments in February.

The Ministry of Health reassured this Saturday by affirming that BioNtech and AstraZeneca will finally deliver in February 1.8 million additional doses.

However many health experts warn that the EU politicians should give full cooperation and support to the vaccine companies to ensure that what is produced is safe and not under pressure mistakes that may cost the lives of EU citizens.

Health experts warn that the issue helps support the vaccine companies on whatever is causing delay, goods supplies or technical rather than EU politicians resulting in legal threats.

On the other side, there is pressure from different corners within the EU.