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McLaren in the flying angel mode with No back gear?

Check out McLaren PHEV “Artura” with No back gear !?

No back gear !? McLaren PHEV “Artura” starts from 29.65 million yen (274.702,36 United States Dollar or 227.237,60 Euro).

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- The conclusions on this article here on Face of Nigeria Blog News is that, we down here in Africa surely have a lot of catch-up to do, since the future of car will revolved round the electricity, and away from crude oil and gas.

Artura says that it is possible to drive about 30km from a full charge with only the driving force of the motor.

Currently, there are no direct competitors, but its commercial value can be said to be top class so far.

McLaren is really looking forward to landing in Japan.

Mainly hybrid….

McLaren’s next core model will be a hybrid. It wasn’t long before such rumors came light.

And on April 13, 2021, the hybrid model “Artura”, which will be produced in series as rumored, was officially announced in Japan.

By the way, this Altura is the successor to the sports series that has been responsible for McLaren’s basic line so far, and as a McLaren vehicle with a PHEV mechanism, the Ultimate series “P1”, which is premised on limited production, It will follow the “speed tail”.

The vehicle price (including consumption tax) of Artura is 274.717,63 United States Dollar according to Japan officials.

The introduction of the PHEV model to the center of the lineup ahead of other companies is probably a manifestation of McLaren’s foresight.

Artura’s core carbon monocoque will be a completely new design produced at the new McLaren Composite Technology Center (MCTC) in South Yorkshire.

The main purpose of this was to install a high energy density battery pack with a total power consumption of 7.4kWh, which was newly developed for the hybrid unit. This battery pack weighs as much as 82 kg.

Aluminum subframes are joined to the front and rear of the monocoque, and a complete powertrain is mounted on the rear subframe.

The on-board engine is a newly developed 3-liter V-6 twin turbo that boasts a maximum output of 585ps and a maximum torque of 585Nm.

The outline of the power unit is to combine this with an electric motor that produces a maximum output of 95ps and a maximum torque of 225Nm.

This power unit also has a big advantage in terms of size, it weighs 60kg lighter than the conventional V8 twin turbo, and the overall length is 190mm shorter.

The transmission that can be combined is also a newly designed 8-speed DCT. The electric motor is located between the DCT and the engine.

Also, as a topic, there is no reverse gear in this Altura, and it is a mechanism that the motor rotates in the reverse direction when reversing.

The exterior and interior have also become new at once. Of course, McLaren’s concept that every design has a function is inherited by this Artura.

Artura is equipped with the latest infotainment system that can connect to the Internet while enabling 0-100km / h acceleration in 3 seconds just by the latest aerodynamics and 300km / h at the maximum speed with limiter control.

The switch portability of the cabin has been further improved.

Not only the speed, but also the fact that such an interface is perfect is what makes McLaren unique.