Cases of COVID-19 increases in Russia alongside vaccine production countries.

The number of deaths of Russians with COVID-19 exceeded 200 thousand people.

The number of deaths of Russians with coronavirus in January decreased after the December anti-record – there were 37.1 thousand of them, according to Rosstat. In total, over 200 thousand cases have died in the country during the pandemic

In January, the number of Russian deaths with COVID-19 was 37,107, Rosstat reported. Thus, the number of deaths of Russians with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 200,432 people.

The statistical office collects data from medical death certificates from the Unified State Register of the Civil Registry Office.

The rate of deaths with coronavirus in January (37,107 people) is made up of the following components:

The increase in the number of deaths is also influenced by the indirect effects of the pandemic – in particular, the increased burden on the health care system, the fear of going to medical institutions because of the risk of contracting the coronavirus, and a reduction in routine medical care, demographers according to the Russian RBC.

  • The main cause of death for COVID-19 was 21,511 people. In these cases, the virus was identified in full during life or posthumously;
  • in 4,781 of the deceased, the virus was not identified, but in the course of the disease there is a high probability that death occurred precisely from the coronavirus;
  • in 2,388 people, COVID-19 did not become the main cause of death, but had a significant impact on the development of fatal complications of another disease;
  • in 8427 people, the virus was not the main cause of death and did not have a significant impact on the development of other diseases.

From April 2020 to January 2021, according to the government’s operational headquarters, 3,868,087 cases of coronavirus were detected. Thus, the proportion of deaths from the number of confirmed cases of the disease was 5.18%.

If we evaluate the mortality rate only by the number of Russians in whom COVID-19 became the main cause of death, then it was 3.4%.

The average mortality rate of patients with coronavirus in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University, is 2.2% (in different countries, the methods for recording deaths from the disease differ).

Moscow remains the leader in terms of the increase in the number of deaths of Russians with coronavirus (5,558 people). In the Moscow region, this figure is 2,844 people, in St. Petersburg – 2,931 people.

The overall January mortality rate in Russia decreased by 9.5% compared to December 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at a briefing.

“In the structure of the increase in mortality in January 2021, 100% confirmed cases of covid are 47.2%. If we add mortality from other causes to the 100% confirmed cases, when the test for covid was positive, then the aggregate share of these groups in the structure of the increase in mortality will be 66.6%, ”she estimated.

Golikova also stressed that the operational data for February 2021 shows a “steady decline in mortality” to January, which is 21.7%.

The total number of deaths in Russia in January 2021 compared to January 2020 increased by 55,694 people (or 34%), to 219,769 people, according to Rosstat data.

Based on the data of the Deputy Prime Minister, the total death rate in February 2021 could have been 172 thousand, which is 20% more than the level of February 2020.

In 2020, mortality in Russia increased by 18%, or by 323.8 thousand people, of which the deaths with COVID-19 account for about half.

A significant proportion of excess mortality in 2020 was formed by cases when people died from cardiovascular, endocrine diseases, pneumonia, etc., associated with COVID-19 infection, Tatyana Golikova explained.

Some of the cases are due to the fact that “people who have had COVID-19 have recovered, <…> but suffer from chronic diseases, and, unfortunately, they also have deaths later,” she describedshe is this group of deceased in December 2020.

According to her then estimates, the increase in mortality from COVID-19 and its consequences accounted for about 80% of the total increase in mortality.