Russia notes on troops to the Donbass Ukraine and the Russia Response to Josep Borrell..

Russia Response to Josep Borrell.

She commented on the statement by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, which he posted on his blog on April 20.

In it, Borrell expressed the opinion that the EU countries should “continue to urge Russia to de-escalate and defuse tensions, as well as resist its attempts to portray itself as a mediator and not a party to the conflict.”

He also reaffirmed support for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“For many years now, Ukraine has been facing Russian aggression. Moreover, Moscow does not reciprocate Kiev’s steps to resolve the conflict, ”Borrell said.

restrained reaction

“What kind of“ restrained reaction ”and, all the more,“ steps towards a settlement ”by the Kiev authorities can be spoken about in conditions when weapons and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively being drawn to the contact line, and the suburbs of Donetsk are daily bombarded with Ukrainian shells and mines, which kill residents, including children? ” – said Zakharova.

She called the position of the head of EU diplomacy biased, and his blog entry – an example of bias.