The political crisis between Russia and the Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.

Poland accused Russia of aggressive policy, while The Russian Foreign Ministry advised diplomats from the Baltic states to “figure out who to pack their things”

Poland accused Russia of aggressive policy due to expulsion of diplomats

The Russian Foreign Ministry advised diplomats from the Baltic states to “figure out who to pack their things”

The Russian Foreign Ministry told how much the number of diplomats in Prague will be reduced.

Face of Nigeria Blog News recalled that since the First World War the term “Baltic states” came to refer to countries by the Baltic Sea that had gained independence from the Russian Empire.

Countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and originally also included Finland, which later became grouped among the Nordic countries.

In the wake of crisis, the United States , Poland and Czech republic have even becomes more confrontation with Russia and Belarus.

The United States introduced another package of anti-Russian sanctions on April 15.

Russia is accused of trying to harm the elections in the United States and its allies, of involvement in hacker attacks on these countries, of transnational corruption to influence foreign governments.

Sanctions were imposed against federal loan bonds: American institutions will not be able to participate in the initial offerings of the Treasury and Central Bank bonds.

In addition, the black list were the first deputy head of the president’s administration, Alexei Gromov, as well as individuals and companies that are associated with the entrepreneur Eugene Prigogine.

Polish diplomats persona non grata

Russia’s declaration of Polish diplomats persona non grata is a manifestation of an aggressive policy. This statement was made by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

“The decision of the Russian side is another example of an aggressive policy and a deliberate gesture aimed at aggravating relations with its neighbors and the entire international community,” the message says.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that the Polish authorities are in favor of dialogue and de-escalation of tensions, and also reserve the right to react to the decision of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On April 15, the Polish authorities expelled three Russian diplomats from the country.

Employees of the department were accused of carrying out activities to the detriment of Poland.

At the same time, the country’s Foreign Ministry said that in this way it expresses solidarity with the US sanctions against Russia.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry on April 23 announced the expulsion of five Polish diplomats from the country. They will have to leave Russia by May 15th.