The political crisis between Russia and the Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.

“figure out who to pack their things”

The Russian Foreign Ministry advised diplomats from the Baltic states to “figure out who to pack their things”

On April 17, Czech authorities accused the Russian special services of involvement in the October 2014 bombings in the Moravian village of Vrbetice.

This was the reason for the expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats.

In response, Russia announced the expulsion of 20 Czech diplomatic workers, leaving only five of them in the country’s embassy .

Jan Hamacek, the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry at that time, said that the retaliatory actions paralyzed the work of the embassy: the political and economic departments do not work in it.

In addition, Moscow has banned the Czech diplomatic mission from hiring Russians.

After that, Prague delivered an ultimatum to Moscow: either Russia will return all the expelled employees of the Czech embassy, ​​or the Czech Republic will equalize the number of employees of the Russian embassy with the number of Czech diplomats.

On April 22, the Czech authorities demanded that only five diplomats remain at the Russian embassy in Prague.

The workers will have to leave the country by the end of May.

Russia will respond to the expulsion of its diplomats from the Baltic countries. This was stated by the official representative of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, Interfax reports .

“The authorities of these countries can have no doubts in our answer.

Their diplomats may already begin to figure out which of them will have to pack their things, ”Zakharova said.

The Baltic countries announced their intention to expel Russian diplomats on 23 April.

Latvia and Estonia intend to send one diplomatic worker, two more – Lithuania. The states decided to resort to such measures as a sign of solidarity with the Czech Republic.