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Germany defends the emergency brake as “urgently needed”

Germany leader Merkel defends the emergency brake as “urgently needed”.

Calls for help from doctors and nursing staff: Germany leader Merkel defends the emergency brake as “urgently needed”.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- The regulations for a nationwide covid-19 emergency brake have been in effect since Saturday.

The provisions of the new infection protection law have been in effect since Saturday at midnight.

The brake is being pulled in areas where the seven-day incidence exceeds the limit of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

If this exists for three consecutive days, the measures come into force on the day after that, including contact restrictions and a nightly curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

In public or in private rooms, members of a household are only allowed to meet one other person.

Meetings of spouses or life partners are also permitted – or if custody is exercised.

Shops for daily needs such as supermarkets or drugstores will remain open regardless of the incidence – but all others will be closed with an incidence of 100 in the affected district.

However, if the incidence is between 100 and 150, it is possible to shop by booking an appointment.

Regardless of the incidence, ordered goods can be picked up in the store.

In schools, if the incidence is 100 or more, alternating lessons are mandatory.

From a value of 165, only distance lessons are allowed.

The night curfew is particularly controversial.

Lawsuits against the law are pending at the Federal Constitutional Court.

With the new regulation, for the first time in the covid-19 pandemic, the federal government has assumed responsibilities that previously lay with the federal states.

The federal states may not loosen the federal emergency brake, but tighten the rules further.

So far, no country has managed to break the third wave without such tough measures. “We all” now have to help doctors and nurses.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) defended the nationwide Corona emergency brake that came into force on Saturday as “urgently needed”.

“Real calls for help” come from doctors and nursing staff, said Merkel on Saturday.

“These people push their limits every day for all of us in order to save the lives of corona patients .”

However, they could not do it on their own, despite the “most self-sacrificing effort”, added Merkel in her weekly video message. “We – the state, society, the citizens – we all have to help.”

The new law and the federal emergency brake specified in it is “not the only, but an extremely important answer to these calls for help,” said the Chancellor.

“The aim is to slow the third wave of the pandemic first, then to stop it and finally to reverse it.”

This in turn makes it possible to get into a situation where you can trust yourself to relax, “without immediately running the risk of a sharp increase in the number of infections,” explained Merkel.

At the same time, she described the measures provided by the emergency brake as “hard”.

But no country that managed to break the third wave of the pandemic did so without tough measures like night exit restrictions. “As much as one would wish there were less burdensome ways to break the third wave and reverse it – they don’t exist,” said Merkel.

“Our vaccination campaign is picking up speed – it is the key to overcoming the pandemic,” added Merkel.

So far, around seven percent of people in Germany have been fully vaccinated.

The percentage of people who received the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine was given by the Robert Koch Institute on Saturday at 22.8 percent.