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China to release the spray vaccine against coronavirus.

China called the timing of the release of the spray vaccine against coronavirus.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- The University of Hong Kong’s coronavirus nasal aerosol vaccine will only be available to consumers in two to three years, the South China Morning Post reported on April 24 .

Currently, clinical trials on the safety of the drug are ongoing, the first stage is underway, more than 10 people took part in the testing, said a member of the research group, Professor Ivan Hung Fan-ngai.

The development will be allowed to be used even for the vaccination of children over six months old.

With this vaccine, one dose will be sufficient, not two doses.

The most serious adverse effects of the drug are expected to be short-term mild headache and nasal congestion.

Also, the intention to release a vaccine against coronavirus in the form of a nasal spray was previously announced in Turkey.

As the Minister of Industry of the country Mustafa Varank said on March 30, clinical trials of the drug will begin in the near future, and it is planned to use it already this year.

On April 22, Russia was included in the top three countries that coped with the pandemic.

Germany became the leader, Spain came second, and Russia came third.

It was followed by China and Great Britain, with the United States taking the last place in the ranking even though Joe Biden step up the measures.