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Shortage of airforce fighters – United States

In the United States announced the shortage of 800 fighters.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- In January, Christopher Miller , the US acting secretary of defense, called the F-35 Lightning II program a piece of crap.

Influential representatives of the US Democratic Party will not support an increase in funding for the fifth generation fighter program Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II in the budget of the upcoming 2022 fiscal year, if it does not move forward in solving an extensive list of problems, writes Defense News.

According to the US House of Representatives Donald Norcross, the lack of progress could lead to the fact that “may have to invest in other, more affordable programs, and fill the operational shortage of potentially more than 800 tactical fighters.”

“I will not support any requests for additional aircraft [F-35 Lightning II] beyond what is contained in the president’s budget request for this year,” the Democrat said.

John Garamendi, a member of the US House of Representatives committee, agreed with his colleague.

“The program is out of budget. Which cannot realize the promised possibilities. And its indicators of combat effectiveness do not even begin to meet the threshold values.

The industry solution to many of these problems is simply to ask taxpayers to donate money to the problem. It won’t happen. The easy days of the past are over, ”the politician stated.

Among the problems of the F-35 Lightning II, the publication mentions, in particular, the lack of Pratt & Whitney F135 engines, expensive maintenance of the fighter and delays in upgrading its computing systems.

Defense News notes that since 2015, the United States has consistently increased budgetary funding for the F-35 Lightning II program, but the statements of Norcross and Garamendi may indicate that this situation will change in the 2022 financial year.

The publication recalls that initially in the 2021 fiscal year, the Pentagon requested the purchase of 79 units of the F-35 Lightning II, but as a result, Congress increased this number by 17, which cost American taxpayers an additional 1.6 billion dollars.