Switzerland justice urged to better monitor Nuclear plant.

Bern urged to better monitor Beznau Nuclear plant in Switzerland.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- The Federal Supreme Court asks the Federal Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety (IFSN) to better guarantee nuclear safety.

The residents have been heard.

The Federal Supreme Court is now asking the IFSN to require a corresponding safety demonstration retrospectively, if this has not in the meantime become irrelevant due to further safety examinations.

In doing so, the Federal Supreme Court assumes that the law in force since February 1, 2019 is applicable.

In response to a question from the German-speaking SRF television, the IFSN explained that work on this additional safety check for a category 2 accident was already underway.

After the Fukushima accident, the Federal Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety (IFSN) demanded that nuclear power plant operators provide further demonstrations of their ability to cope with the so-called “10,000-year” earthquake.

In 2015, there followed a divergence of views and classification of such an accident between the residents of the Aargau plant and the IFSN.

In a recent decree, the judges of Mon Repos approve the classification of such an incident in category 3 but, at the same time, they clearly criticize the selective approach of the IFSN, declaring that it had “insufficiently fulfilled the task entrusted to it by law.

” On the other hand, for a lighter earthquake, classified in category 2, additional proof is required as to the maximum admissible radiation that could be released by the oldest power station in Switzerland.