Macron notes on Armenian Genocide: “respecting the memory of the living is our duty”

The French President Macron: “respecting the memory of the living is our duty”

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- In February 2019, the Head of State announced that April 24 would become National Day of Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, which France recognized on January 29, 2001.

This is the first time since he has participated in an official commemoration of this day.

The date of April 24, the same as that used in Armenia and in many countries, corresponds to the day of a roundup of Armenian intellectuals assassinated in Constantinople by the Ottoman power.

It is estimated that between 1.2 million and 1.5 million Armenians were killed during World War I by troops from the Ottoman Empire, then allied with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

French President Emmanuel Macron went to an Armenian genocide memorial in Paris on Saturday “to prevent oblivion, denial, lies”.

French President Emmanuel Macron went on Saturday in front of an Armenian genocide memorial in central Paris, on April 24, which in 2019 became National Day of Commemoration of the 1915 Genocide, underlining in a letter the “duty” to prevent ” the denial, the lie ”.

His gesture comes as in the day Joe Biden is expected to become the first American president to recognize the Armenian genocide by the troops of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, recognized by about thirty countries but vigorously contested by Turkey.

“Remembering the past, by accepting the truth, paying homage to the dead and respecting the memory of the living is our duty to prevent oblivion, denial, lies”, wrote the French Head of State in his letter to to his Armenian counterpart Armen Sarkissian and of which AFP has had a copy.

“We remember together the appalling sufferings of a martyred people” and “France and Armenia are united in friendship and fraternity”, he adds.

“Committed to your side in history, we are also committed to the future, at a time when your country has just gone through such a deadly conflict in a region where too much blood has been shed”, writes Emmanuel Macron in allusion to the recent Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

He calls for “building a new page, that of peace, prosperity and reconciliation”.

Arrived at Place du Canada, where a monument in memory of the genocide was erected in 2003, he reflected alongside the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the ambassador of Armenia Hasmik Tolmajyan, as well as the co-presidents of the Coordination Council of Armenian organizations in France, Ara Toranian and Mourad Papazian, excluding press cameras.

It is also against a backdrop of tensions between France and Turkey, France being regularly accused of meddling with French Muslims.

The law against Islamist separatism wanted by Emmanuel Macron, who wants in particular to fight against foreign influences on French Muslims, also sparked a violent reaction from the Turkish president against Paris.

Recalled earlier that the United States of American President under Joe Biden have recognized the Armenian Genocide.

However Face of Nigeria Blog news reports that the rebellious is expected from the Turkish sides.