Eritrean man who stabbed wife to death faces the law in Switzerland.

The man who stabbed his Eritrean wife had just arrived in Switzerland according to the latest reports.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- The victim was 34 years old.

Arrived in Switzerland with her children two years ago, she was the mother of a large family.

According to “Arcinfo”, she had requested family reunification after several years of separation, mainly for the sake of the couple’s children.

“This gesture does not represent our community. Women are highly respected among us, and vice versa, ”an official of the Eritrean Club of Lausanne told“ Arcinfo ”.

Discussions have been initiated with Caritas to surround the children and the few relatives of this family, assisted by the Child Protection Office.

“You have to see how these refugees get here: the pressure from smugglers, the fear of getting caught at each border crossing, the risk of dying… It weighs heavily.

These people need psychiatric therapy in the host country, ”Luul Sebhatu, refugee representative at his cantonal commission for the integration of foreigners, told“ Arcinfo ”.

A silent tribute was paid Friday to the memory of the woman killed by her husband the day before in Peseux (NE).

With roses and signs denouncing one more femicide, a silent tribute was paid Friday in front of the Justice fountain in Neuchâtel, in memory of the Eritrean woman killed the day before by her husband in Peseux (NE).

According to the media “Arcinfo”, an argument is at the origin of the crime.

The man who stabbed his wife several times had been residing in Switzerland for just a month.

His arrest was peaceful and he confessed to his misdeed.

According to the prosecutor Nicolas Feuz, this feminicide “has no cultural connotation, nor any links with the nationality of this family of refugees”.