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Renault to be restricted to 180 km / h.

Renault soon to be restricted to 180 km / h to avoid accidents.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)– By counting on sales composed of 90% of electric and hybrid by 2030, the manufacturer will classify its suppliers according to their CO2 emissions, reduce the footprint of its factories, and “pave the way towards a carbon-free battery”, according to Mr. De Meo.

The director of Renault, who presented his social and environmental “roadmap” to the group’s shareholders, did not specify whether the 180 km / h rule would be applied to the group’s sports brand, Alpine.

The new electric Mégane in any case, whose launch is scheduled for 2022, “will offer a cruise control set by default: its speed will be capped at 160 km / hour,” said Luca de Meo.

Carbon neutrality in Europe in 2040

More broadly, “our vehicles will be equipped with an automatic regulator set by default which will adjust to the authorized speed, according to the signs and geolocation data”, underlined the director of Renault.

The regulator, called “Safety coach”, will also take into account dangerous bends and roundabouts.

The manufacturer has also advanced its objective of carbon neutrality in Europe by ten years, to 2040, while targeting 2050 at the global level.