Clashes between Israel and Palestinian in Gaza

New violence on the border between Israel and Gaza.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)– In response The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process said the UN was doing everything to allow tensions to de-escalate.

In a written statement, he condemned the violence and called on both sides to exercise restraint.

Palestinian militants fired dozens of rockets at Israel on Saturday, prompting Israeli authorities to respond with airstrikes, the IDF said, as nightly violence between Palestinians and Israelis in the midst of Ramadan resumed in Jerusalem.

The exchange of fire, which took place at dawn, ended a period of lull of several months on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The IDF has nonetheless said it will not put in place additional security measures for Israelis living near the border, a sign that there does not appear to be an escalation of violence.

In Jerusalem, Israeli-Palestinian tensions are higher than usual during the month of Ramadan.

The protests turned violent on Thursday and led to numerous arrests, in addition to leaving many injured.

Clashes between riot gear and young Palestinians erupted again on Friday evening outside the Old City.

The protesters threw stones at the police who responded with water cannons.

Others threw stones at an Israeli court and broke surveillance cameras.

The Palestinian Red Crescent estimated that eight Palestinians were injured.

Further violence was reported in a Palestinian neighborhood where demonstrators threw flaming projectiles at law enforcement and threw stones at Israeli homes or Israeli cars.

In Gaza, protesters fired 36 rockets at Israel overnight, according to the IDF, moments after Islamist Hamas and other armed groups called for resistance in Jerusalem.

The Israeli air force responded with strikes on rocket launchers and underground infrastructure, the military said.

It was not immediately possible to know whether there had been any casualties in Gaza or on the Israeli side of the border, where most of the rockets landed.