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U.S and Canada strengthening North American Aerospace Defense

Canada and the United States moves to strengthening North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- It is not new that Russia currently boast about hypersonic tech, with the rise of Biden into power, and his declaration of Russia as the greatest threat to the United States.

It is a step necessarily in this new era, despite covid-19 pandemic.

Canada and the United States have been talking for years about replacing the existing system.

Justin Trudeau spoke about it during his first meetings with Donald Trump and now Joe Biden.

This modernization is included in the defense policy presented by the federal government in 2017.

There were only a few lines devoted to this subject in the federal budget presented on Monday.

The sums involved are negligible in the general scheme of things.

But for defense officials and experts, this budget is an important step towards real first funding to modernize the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

However, many questions remain unanswered.

What will these future systems look like? How fast will they be built? Will the money needed to complete this project still be available when needed?

“This is a step forward,” said James Fergusson, professor at the University of Manitoba, one of the best NORAD experts in Canada.

There is money. It’s not a lot, but at least the government has started to move.

The question to ask is: how urgent is all of this? ”

The federal budget provides for new spending totaling more than $ 100 billion over the next few years.

Of this amount, $ 163 million has been allocated to modernizing NORAD.

“This funding will improve the overall surveillance of all our northern approaches and, more broadly, will provide investments in our continental defense,” said Daniel Minden, a spokesperson for Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan.

Our government is committed to building better surveillance, defense and rapid response capabilities in Canada’s north and maritime and air approaches.

We are currently evaluating other NORAD modernization measures, which will be announced when completed. ”

The United States and Canada created NORAD in the 1950s to protect the continent from a Soviet nuclear attack.

Chains of radar and air bases were built to detect and intercept enemy missiles and bombers.

The system was placed under a single joint command.

The current system, the North Warning System, was installed in the 1980s.

Several experts and military officials consider it obsolete. Emphasizing his great age of the technical means used and the infrastructure of the system, they consider that he is unable to find and identify the new types of weapons developed by Russia and other potential enemies.

These include low-flying cruise missiles and extremely fast hypersonic rockets, which are much more difficult to detect and stop than the huge intercontinental ballistic missiles and long-range bombers for which NORAD was designed to. the origin.

Military officials even warned that the system could not detect Russian bombers before they were able to launch an attack.