Wenger slams Super League.

Wenger slams Super League and hails players’ stance.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)– Earlier this week, Arsène Wenger must have watched with caution the commitment of his former club Arsenal in the Super League project .

Legend among the Gunners, coach of the club from 1996 to 2018, the Alsatian has not made any sentiment to give his opinion on this new competition in which Arsenal will not participate after withdrawing from the project .

In an interview with The Telegraph , Wenger strongly opposed the principle of a Super League, which goes against “the basis of our sporting culture in Europe which is to access, through its performance.

“I do not understand how it is possible to believe that putting a cap on access to the best competitions could be accepted by fans who love football,” added Wenger, now director of world football development at FIFA.

Wenger “proud” of the players

While the plan for a new competition sparked a huge uproar from supporters , the former Arsenal manager was surprised at the “amateurism of the presentation and preparation” of the Super League.

“There is reason to be worried about the management of the biggest clubs,” Wenger said.

In addition to the fans, “totally ignored by this project”, Wenger praised the commitment of footballers in this affair, like those of Liverpool or Leeds .

“I am very proud of the responsibilities that the players have taken in this matter. It shows a great evolution that we have seen since the start of the season in England.

The players are getting more involved and I am very proud of this development”, he explained.

English clubs ‘destroy Premier League’

Far from being in phase with the idea of ​​a Super League, Wenger was also surprised to see the involvement of the six English clubs in this project. “Everyone wants to destroy the Premier League in Europe.

In England, we do it ourselves. (…) The English have the strongest league. The Super League would destroy, 100%, the Premier League”, Wenger said.

Denouncing “an American-style project”, Wenger assures that he “knew from the start that it was not going to work”.

The former Gunners manager can now be reassured by seeing that Arsenal quickly withdrew from the project, being the only club to apologize to their supporters in their press release.