Super League: Ceferin still threatens to exclude 4 clubs.

Super League: Ceferin still threatens to exclude 4 clubs from the Champions League.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- The four clubs that have not officially withdrawn from the Super League could be deprived of the Champions League next year, assured Aleskander Ceferin, president of UEFA, in an interview with AP on Friday.

Since the Super League fiasco, Aleskander Ceferin has been in a strong position.

The UEFA president has increased media outlets in recent days and continues to threaten all the protagonists of the sanctions project.

In an interview with AP , the Slovenian assured that the clubs involved had to withdraw from the project if they wanted to participate in the Champions League next year.

Four clubs involved

So far, eight of the twelve “founders” have withdrawn from the Super League, but four have not yet officially given up on the project: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and AC Milan.

Ceferin encouraged them to make a decision quickly, otherwise they will have to “answer for the consequences” … Even if Real should in theory be able to play their C1 semi-final .

“It’s crystal clear: the clubs will have to decide if they are in the Super League or if they are European clubs, decided the successor of Michel Platini.

If they say they are part of the Super League, so they’re not playing the Champions League, of course … If they’re willing to do that, they can play in their own competition.

” The cost of the withdrawal would however be salty, according to some media: VozPopuli, a Spanish daily, would put it at 300 million euros .

Sanctions against dissidents?

Among the four clubs that could be deprived of European competitions, the two Italians have already communicated against the Super League as is, but without withdrawing 100%.

“Juventus, which still remains purely convinced of the sporting, commercial and legal basis of the project, considers that in the state the possibilities of carrying this project in its initially planned form are extremely reduced”, could one read side Turin .

The Spaniards, on the other hand, still defend the project, against all odds.

Meanwhile, Ceferin confirmed that UEFA could sanction dissident clubs . “Everyone will have to face the consequences of their decisions and they know it, he assured.

“For me, it is a very different situation between the clubs which admitted their mistakes and said they were leaving the project and the others, who surely know that the project is dead, but obviously don’t want to believe it. ”

The threats seem more aimed at leaders than institutions, according to information from L’Equipe.