Google Chrome for Android with a price tracking function

Google Chrome for Android will now integrate a price tracking function.

(Face Of Nigeria Blog News)- Here is a feature that may interest a good number of users of a smartphone running Android to save a lot of money on future online purchases.

Soon, it will be possible to follow the price movements of e-commerce sites from Google’s Chrome browser , using an Android phone.

Chrome: how to activate the price tracking function from Android?

Google recently deployed version 90 of its Chrome browser on devices running Android.

In the last update of Chrome, Google notably launched its price tracking function.

To activate it, it’s very simple:

Launch the Chrome browser
In the URL bar, enter chrome: // flags /
In the search box, type the terms ‘Tab Grid Layout’
Press ‘Default’
‘Enabled Price notifications’

This option is still in the experimentation phase, so it may not work at the time of writing this article.